Production of bakery concentrates, improvers and natural sourdoughs. Base raw materials corn, rye, oats, wheat, barley, which are processed by special technology give specific tastes and aromas.

Cereals – fundation for the future

pekarski koncentrati

Bakery concentrates

Mixtures of specially selected raw materials. Because of specific technological processing, concentrates improves the appearance, taste and aroma of the end product.

prirodna kisela tijesta

Natural sourdough

Sourdough are produced by fermentation of grain flour with special kinds of Lactobacillus and yeast. Bakery products stand out for freshness, structure middle, crunchy crust, typical aroma and taste.

pekarski poboljšivači

Bakery additives

Mixtures of food additives and other ingredients that contribute to improving the quality of finished products, increase of volume, extending the shelf life of the product.

Croatian Factory of Bakery Concentrates and Additives


DATA-BAK d.o.o is producing additives and concentrate – mixture for baking industry, and on the market has been present since 1994.

Our strategy is the continuous development of new products based on domestic raw materials, and at the same time linking new researches and technological achievements.

Bakery additives and concentrates from our own production are the results of innovative work on processing cereals, by gelatinization, toasting, roasting and microbial fermentation with selected strains of yeast and bacteria.

Our partners we offer a variety of traditional and original products, using natural raw materials of high quality. Our products comply all requirements of customers, and in collaboration with backer we creata unique and recognized range of finished backery products.

Our offer includes:

  • bakery supplements
  • bakery concentrates
  • bacery additives
  • natural sourdoughs, special fermented by using yeasts and bacteria for better aroma and quality of the finished product

To all buyers we offer samples and presentation of all product range and development of new products on buyers idea.

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Europska unija

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europski fond za regionalni razvoj. Sadržaj publikacije/emitiranog materijala isključiva je odgovornost društva Data-Bak d.o.o.